Welcome to 2020, new venue and piano!

HI folks….

Happy New Year! This year we welcome our guests to a new venue at a new time, at a new price and with new added benefits, such as our very own grand piano at the club.

The new venue, brought about by necessity but has left me wondering why I hadn’t thought of it before, is the Olde House on Loundsley Green Road.

It boasts lots of parking, a better drinks selection at the bar than our old venue, more private location so we won’t be disturbed by the other venue users, food on offer if anyone should care to partake…and, our very own grand piano. The piano used to be in Chesterfield Library and I have played it on several occasions….I’ve always found it to be a good solid instrument with a decent tone and good touch. It was an opportunity that was too good to miss.

Here is a pic of today’s shifting activities…

Cjazz Joanna

So…get your tickets today from http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/wendykirkland as it promises to be a very well attended event. Julie, the manager at the Olde House has been an excellent, proactive host – when Pat and I arrived today she’d already printed out the poster and created another announcing the start of regular monthly jazz…I hadn’t asked her to do that for us, so I was really impressed. I’m really looking forward to our new season.

See you soon, folks!



Published by Wendy Kirkland

Jazz, soul, funk, pop pianist, Hammond player and singer. Originator and organiser of Chesterfield Jazz Club.

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